The COVID-19 crisis may make you wonder if it is safe to send your child to our child care program.  We want to provide the following information on the enhanced health and safety measures we are implementing to keep everyone safe and healthy.  We are following all of the guidelines set forth on May 29, 2020 by the NJ Department of Children and Families in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control.

What will drop off and pick up look like?

Families will be greeted before entering.  Parents and other adults will not enter the building.  A designated staff member will greet you and check your child's temperature.  We may not admit any staff or child with a temperature over 100 degrees.  You will be asked health screening questions regarding illness.  We really appreciate your patience while we put this process in place.  We encourage the same family member do drop off and pick up.  At pick up, we will greet you and escort your child to you at the door.  We are waiting on further guidance with regard to swiping for the child care subsidy.  

Car seats- We are discouraging you leaving a car seat in our school.  If you MUST leave one, it will be sprayed with LYSOL before coming into the building.

What will classroom spaces look like?  What about social distancing?

We will separate children into small groups.  Each classroom will contain no more than 10 children and 1 or 2 staff.  Our infant room will be limited to 8 babies and 3 staff for now.  Groups will NOT combine for any part of the day and providers will stay consistent in each group.  Our cribs and cots are already spaced at least 3 feet apart and will be placed further apart whenever possible.  Equipment will not be shared.  We will use staff to create smaller groups within these already reduced size classrooms to provide social distancing whenever possible.  We will be using new and enhanced outdoor spaces to encourage fresh air, staggering use of space and disinfecting equipment like tricycles and balls used.  Although it has been power washed and sanitized, our outdoor climber will not be used right away.  Outdoor "walks" will be permitted but there will be no field trips off site during the current time.

What materials and toys will be used by the children?

We will have various materials and toys but will limit sharing toys to those that can easily be sanitized after each use.  Supplies such as art materials will be sorted and labelled for individual use by each child.  We are not permitting any toys or materials from home.  Soft toys like fabric dolls and dress up clothes will not be used.  Sheets and blankets should be labelled and brought into school the day we return and our staff will launder them at school, to reduce exchange back and forth.

What extra cleaning are you doing?  What health precautions will be in place?

We spent the time away making sure our preschool facility had a huge makeover.  You will be pleased to see all newly cleaned and painted classrooms and hallways, all of the carpets were deep cleaned.  All tile floors were cleaned, stripped and re-sealed.  New sinks and cabinets were installed in many classrooms.  Our preschool kitchen received a complete makeover.  We have plenty of toilet paper, paper towels, bleach, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, masks, gloves, and we purchased no touch infra-red thermometers.  We will be designating one staff to do temperature checks as well as classroom cleaning throughout the day, and of course at the end of the day.  Meals will not be served family style, but will be more "grab and go", with children spaced 6 feet apart and eating in shifts, or even OUTSIDE whenever possible.  Everything will be disposible. No visitors will be permitted in the building during program operations.  This includes tours for new families, repairs, and new staff orientations.  We are still awaiting guidance on therapists and Early Intervention, as this is not clear as of this update. 

All staff will wear a cloth or disposible mask.  Children over the age of 2 who can safely wear a mask will be encouraged.  Parents will have a choice about this.  GCDC has purchased kid friendly pediatric cloth masks and will provide them if you wish.

Masks will not be worn while outside, or during meals and naptime.

What if someone gets sick?

Staff receive education on COVIC-19 symptoms as well as preventive measures to ward off the spread.  Children who start to experience symptoms of respiratory illness, or any other infectious illness while at our school, will be isolated from other children until they can be picked up.  Staff will self monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and if a staff person gets sick, they will leave immediately.  Staff are not permitted to work if they are feeling ill with any symptoms.  No staff or child may enter the building if they have COVID-19 symptoms, or if someone in their household has COVID-19 symptoms, or screens positive for COVID-19.   If a staff or child tests positive for COVID-19 this must be reported to us right away.  We must report to the County Health Department and they will provide guidance but we expect that everyone in that group/classroom will be notified right away and the classroom will be shut down immediately, and everyone in the group will need to quarantine for 14 days.  The school will receive a deep clean.